More turntable turn on happenings, this time from the mysterious Janvy who hails from Stockholm. Debut four track EP ‘heads 1899’ is as sure to snare the earlobes of those adoring Beaulieu Porch as it is those who fondly miss those fried offerings emanating once upon a time from the extended family of the Elephant 6 Collective. Four tracks of quintessential vintage psychedelia shimmer within, opening track ‘heads’ tumbles out hazily glazed and somewhat lazy eyed, trippily radiant in the cooling afterglow of swirling west coast lysergics, which to these ears come adored and possessed of that strangely alluring flavouring of the Circulatory System. Venturing deeper into the realms of kaleidoscopic noir, the stoned and smoking mystic ‘sycamore and tronic’ might in a certain light, sound for all the world like a hybrid Cheval Sombre in cahoots with the Murmurs of Irma whilst on some middle eastern retreat being retuned and retooled by the back-room staff of Portishead, I seriously kid you not, so mellow you need to anchor your feet to the floor to stop you drifting away. As mentioned earlier, beneath the fracturing hallucinogenic hazes ‘space 1899’ hints of Beaulieu Porch dissolving and dissipating in the airless astral smoke, the genteel ghost like wooziness wonderfully weaved of a classic era Doleful Lions detailing. It’s left to the adorably spacey ‘Vivit Sumus’ to lead matters out to the end groove, though not before infusing your listening space in dream dozed seafaring mirages of baroque bliss kisses. Very essential. https://janvy.bandcamp.com/album/heads-1899

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