gary numan

We’ve a lot time for Mr Numan. New album ‘savage songs from a broken world’ has been widely noted for its commentary on matters relating to climate change. However, something we’ve noticed creeping into the Numan vocabulary in recent years has been conversations concerning mortality, as though revealing piece by piece the ticking chemistry of his psyche. Once, early in his career, as though observing from afar, Numan these days has adjusted his dialogue / connection to first person, his fears, irks, vulnerability and those concerns that haunt the sleeping hours all gather to create a close intimacy with the listener. Latest track culled from that album ‘the end of things’ has all these things in abundance extracted from a widening emotional spectrum, one minute contemplative and questioning, the next bitter and angry.

Incidentally, Numan’s 5th full length ‘Dance’ is getting the re-mastered treatment. Released on the Beggars Arkive series, the set that saw Numan stepping away from pure electronics to fuse jazz and funk disciplines with a 30’s fashioning that hinted Chandler whilst trying to court a dark chic, which let’s be brutally honest here, only really shone through on the trypytch of cuts ‘boys like me’, ‘stories’ and ‘my brother’s time’. Due for mid January drop, the set, pressed on purple vinyl, will be spread across two slabs of wax with the original album taking up three sides, the point being that the original mix was squeezed onto one album resulting in a muddy sound and a loss of pitched dynamic, much the same reason as to why those four Eno re-issues arrived earlier in the year. Side 4 will feature all the related b-sides along with the extended, and as yet, previously unreleased edit of ‘Moral’ closing the proceedings.  

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