the corrupting sea

A slew of essential releases heading out of the Silber sound factory who promise nine more before Christmas descends, so we better get a giddy up then….

… first up, a familiar face in the shape of the Corrupting Sea. Not all together sure whether this is part of Silber’s ongoing 5 in 5 series, I suspect it is, because what lurks here upon the digital grooves of ‘looking to the stars’ are five tracks totalling 5 minutes of music. A radical departure from the usual Corrupting Sea script, that is if you don’t count the parting ‘inhabitable planet’, a brooding beauty equipped with all the trademark stilled grace and somewhat sounding ice sculptured  and solitary, like a passing celestial herald emitting opining love notes. ‘looking to the stars’ serves as a, if you would, sonic story board, it relates to its authors love of sci-fi, each of the titles directing you like scenes / chapters into voyages of discovery. In truth it reads like one of those classic 50’s style space age radio broadcasts, the sounds crystal tipped in a vintage futuristic sound a la ‘journey into space’ et al, which like such a broadcast and / or book captures the atmosphere succinctly, colouring the non visual canvas through detailed narrative and / or sonic chemistry. Case in point, ‘entering the stratosphere’ operates on two possibly three levels, in so much you can feel the weight of the g-force as the rocket escapes the clutches of mother Earth, but then there’s the string section ushering in a sense of wonderment and mystery as the capsule hurtles into the unknown and simultaneously takes note of the crews own sense of peril. The eerie and airless ‘plotting a course’ frames perfectly that sense of arriving at a point of no return and coming to terms with new challenges while ‘keeping time with hibernation’ is pure 60’s styled Radiophonic Workshop leaving ‘new planet horizon’ – as were steeped in expectation and part fear, to inhabit a subtle Eno like phrasing.

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