turkish delight

You better quick off the mark if you want one of these, by all accounts just 100 cassettes pressed up by I heart noise for this re-issue of ‘tommy bell’ by Turkish Delight from off which ‘grammy’ has been hogging the sound player since rearing into view. A bit having all your favourite noise niking bands from the early 90’s all fused into one and gathered, in this case, to have you in states of swooning delirium for three minutes. Okay Sonic Youth are very much influencing this to the point they’re over it like a itchy rash, but then add in Quickspace and many more of their ilk and this little nugget from a forgetten mid 90’s swerves, skewes and swoons with the best of them with sweet pop precisioned discordance. Now I must get myself one of them cassettes.


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