Schizo Fun Addict – new album details …..

Schizo Fun Addict have over the years quietly built themselves a rarefied repute for cool. Irrefutably wired for pop, their blending of psych, west coast and dream draped pastorals is acutely tuned to a frequent swoon and swagger that sets them light years apart from their peers. In recent years, rare as hen’s teeth appearances on the much admired Fruits de Mer imprint have only served to solidify their place in our affections. Following a well heeled split cassette with the Bordellos (‘Kassette’) via Small Bear and 2013’s Christmas day visitation ‘the Sun Yard’ – incidentally now being made available for the first time on limited wax issue to celebrate Fruits de Mer’s 10th anniversary celebrations, the band are now set to announce new sonic happenings next year. 

According to Jet from the band, ‘El Shoegaze Bossa Nova’ will as the title subtly hints, be a blending of big swirling storms of reverbed guitars mixed with sunshine vox, and bossa beats. Think Antonio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina duets, Brasil 66 rhythms/percussion backed by an early Slowdive and “The Waves” era Tamaryn meets Darklands era JAMC guitar vibe with Chet Baker on trumpet and some vintage eletronica thrown in the mix.”
Anyway, instead of me gushing and going off message here’s the official word from the band themselves …..


The next Schizo Fun Addict vinyl LP will be released this Summer on Sugarbush Records:


by Schizo Fun Addict

“Schizo Fun Addict are honored, humbled and thrilled to announce that our forthcoming vinyl lp – ‘El Shoegaze Bossa Nova’ – will be released in Summer 2018 on the British all vinyl label SUGARBUSH RECORDS. We are so excited to join the Sugarbush family of wonderful artists such as Caddy, Cosmic Rough Riders, Pugwash and Green Pajamas.

El Shoegaze Bossa Nova was written by Jayne Gabriel and Jet Wintzer. It is equal parts both raging storm and sweet sunshine. Roberto Muolo returns on trumpet and the newest addition to the Schizo family is Dan Boivin (Death of Fashion/Asa Ransom) on drums/percussion.

The promo single “Shadow Bossa” and an accompanying video shot by Jet Wintzer will be released in late January 2018.”



shindigsfawithcover (1)

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