the other side

Many thanks to the Null Spectre for getting in touch regarding an incoming new offering by the name ‘Wendigo’, which all things being well, we’ll be mentioning later in the week. For now, we eyed the Spectre ones amongst a gathering of souls on a compilation through witch house entitled ‘the other side’, their track being the ominously graven ‘shattered souls’, a macabre mysterio ghost walking the fault lines between dream and the beyond, not I hasten to add one advised for merry listening for here dark incantations and a chilling ne’er do welling lurks with malevolent intent. Skip along a few tracks, to the parting track, to find Sidewalks and Skeletons’ ‘lost in static’ softly seducing from beyond the veil, a sepia framed dream noir spectral trimmed in crystalline shadow torn overtures the type of which had us much minded to stroll of in search of those early happenings from Propaganda. Much like the Null Spectre, Cauchemar Chemin’s prowling ‘Communication With The Lights’ comes equipped in similar disquieting tidings, disembodied siren calls, fracturing chill toned electronics and a sinister remoteness make this a very eerie descent into paranoia.   

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