dom clark trio

Many thanks to Mr Clark for returning back with sound cloud links on this one, which we’ll re-iterate is a bit of a seductive smoker which for those who missed our mention first time of asking went along the lines of …. ‘Ooh, this is quite smoking. This is the latest musical incarnation of a certain Dom Clark, who in recent times has been found gracing the BDI’s line up, now as the Dom Clark Trio, ‘undercover’ is the first of a promised slew of singles that hopefully over the course of time will both seduce and find loving homes with which to adore. As said, first up, ‘undercover’ – immaculately toned in a jazz noir arresting, its slinky and snaking nocturnal prowl smoked and drizzled in a classicism whose lineage cuts to a finite John Barry like smoozy fashioning. That said, amid it’s sultry detailing a sound, both out of time and out of currency smooches its way to the surface with hints of that most rarefied and precious of pop craft occasioned by the likes of Paddy McAloon and Neil Hannon’.

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