new apostles

I do suspect we will be returning to this in coming days. New sonic happening from the recently reconvened New Apostles in the shape of a newly peeled full length going by the name ‘Antiquarian Medical Texts’ from off which for now at least, our lobes found attraction aplenty with the emerging dark beauty that is the cold cool quietly anthemic shadow framed Bowie-esque ‘Halcyon days’, this ‘un seductively slipstreaming the Thin White Duke’s ‘Berlin’ trilogy with much astute aplomb along the way applying the kind of crystalline atmospheric grandeur that you’d be more expecting to discover between the grooves of the classic period outing by the Church. All said we here are more than a tad fond of ‘Bowie’s campervan’ – is there a theme here we wonder – not so – just that we touched upon the two tracks very much in spiritual harmony with Mr Jones. Anyhow as said this one caught us clearly on the hop not least because amid all the frying angular and stoner psych funk fashioning, this distractive nugget manages to shoehorn a positive array of subtle Bowie tropes plucked from all corners of his extensive chameleonic career with ‘lodger’ and ‘young Americans’ being the prime reference source materials. While we are here, a special mention for the parting ‘no particular place’ – hell’s teeth this dandy has the spectres of the much-missed Fatima Mansions and the Godfathers over it like a rash….   


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