remington super 60

Here’s something wonderfully homely and cutesy, out via Norwegian imprint Café Superstar, this is Remington Super 60 who one time or another used to pop up in previous guises of these missives with much adoring here. Seems these darling folk have a thing for Christmas and are prone to pop up around the festive season delivering melodic morsels of delightful distraction, the latest of which being ‘another Christmas song’. Sprayed in a snowy dusting and fancifully festooned in twinkling tinsel, this easy pop parcel of winter wonderland delights merrily coos and swoons with a dizzily demurred bright eyed vintage flavouring that twirls, turns and tingles fondly on an starry orbital path where on one side sits the Beautify Junkyards while to the other you’ll find Le SuperHomard.

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