There are some people who I’m sure, think that we cobble these missives together by sheer accident with little thought, care or due attention. Just between you and me, we do but hush now otherwise it’ll ruin the mystique and put paid to any notion of professionalism, which I should say, though we strive for our ambition and ability somewhat lacks. Still we’ve put it on our Christmas list, so who knows what form, shape or design that’ll materialise as on the day of Christmas, if indeed Santa has deemed us worthy of being allowed off the naughty step. Where is he going with this, I hear you painfully cry, well it be to do with a track called ‘freight train’. Upon hitting home, playing just three tracks, we’d been sent, trying to basically sort out a schedule for the evenings listening, we noted with interest two of those selections were actually covers of the same song, so without further ado …..

If I were you, I’d find yourself a quiet spot for this ‘un. Once settled and comfortable, draw a very, very deep breath and continually pinch yourself because this is going to hurt. A cover of Elizabeth Cotten’s ‘freight train’ as rephrased by Susanna, her second single from a forthcoming set entitled ‘go dig my grave’. A death song indeed but so beautifully bruised and strangely happily resigned to its fate that it leaves wound marks. We could talk about it poetic daintiness, its serenely sorrowed turn of phrase, perhaps the arresting genteel and wheezing fanfare lulling it to its approaching final sleep or even Susanna’s exquisitely tender and plaintively sweetly sighed ghost toned hymnal hush, but you’d first of all have to muster all the wherewithal to navigate its caressing crush whilst maintaining a degree of lip biting reserve to stop you being reduced to a sobbing shell. Immaculate.      

Tour dates:
22nd-25th March 2018, Big Ears Festival, Knoxville (TN) USA (solo)
22nd-25th of March 2018, Big Ears Festival, Koxville (TN) USA (ft. Giovanna Pessi, Frode Haltli & Cheyenne Mize)

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