soft issues

certainly, chaps with unresolved (soft) issues, we here are all in favour of this new-found anger management expressed through the magical means of music, often we’ve been forced to resort to such tactics when our feckless neighbour decides to scream obscenities at her young ones, and this after leaving out from dawn to dusk, a yapping rat sized dog who I swear is powered by Duracell, anyhow I often find an hour of Masonna resets the balance. Talking of Masonna, this is Leeds based duo Soft Issues, see how I sneaked in their name when you weren’t looking (or reading no doubt), very subtle and subliminal, well we got a nice message from Gary of the twin set, mentioning that he’d noted our love of friends Thank going on to say they widdled in similar sonic pools to the likes of Masonna and Merzbow, the latter of whom used to be, at one time, a staple feature of these musings. How could we resist, sporting a limited cassette going by the name ‘Soft Issues EP’, barely had we the chance to get comfy when from some hellish sonic abattoir, sounds of rage, ferocity and of overwhelming discontent descended to plague us. Flame on, ‘BDC’ is pure brutality, remember shit n’ shine as mere youngsters, well then you can hazard a guess as to where this cacophonic delight is heading from. And where they might lack subtly, there’s an appetite for skree scouring agitation sandblasting from out the grooves with an intent to perform a spot of DIY trepanning, none more so is this in evidence, than on ‘radiator paint’ of which we’ll just say, think Sissy Spacek meets Tayside Mental Health. For all the sonic skree and wilfully driven fury afoot here, it takes the quietest and longest track, the uncharitably titled ’the thrill of seeing your friends fail’ to usher in an eerie winter wasteland devoid of hope or help, yet dreaded aplenty in disquiet. And then it’s back to the aural atrocities with ‘degloving’ sounding like a particularly trashed out Atari teenage riot trying out for the at war with false noise, while ‘hetchell’ ominously leads matters to the end groove though not before subsuming you in a light sucking suffocation gouged in paranoia and terror phonic pulsars, towards the end sounding glowing white hot and sounding not unlike the psychotronic blasts heard from the innards of the Martian vessel found in Quatermass and the Pit.

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