you, the night and the music

As mentioned in some random postings on our face book page, that promised latest edition of you, the night and the music, this one a two-hour feast of selections from the previous 12 months are convenient laid out in alpha order, in fact Mat promises several of these ‘best of’s’ over the Christmas period, this particular show taking in the A to F part of this Festive look back. I’m sure you don’t need me waffling on about all the contents lurking within, we’ve pretty much covered these, some in great detail in previous despatches. However, that said, best get a wiggle on with those that annoyingly escaped our gaze, stuff like the zonked out woozy freakery of the Band whose name is a symbol, I mean how did we miss this, very Riot Season-y and wasted. Fairly certain that Capra Informis didn’t trouble these pages, a quite stunning mysterio revealed of a dark ages progressive psych colouring, one for those Rise Above admirers among you I shouldn’t wonder. What can we say about Cavalier Song’s ‘shields’ – quite immaculate, as the show’s host points out very Mark E Smith albeit channelling both Shatner and Burroughs, the music though, stilled and sprayed in an adoring pastoral regency. Next up, Cobra Family Picnic of whom we will say, we will be checking out at our earliest convenience for ‘Gilgamesh’ is one delightfully wigged freak storm of 70’s stonery while Domboshawa pull out some trippy mind arranging cosmic wooziness with the aptly titled ‘far beyond’. Now I’m still scratching head wondering how on earth we missed E Gone first time of asking, emerging from the shadow of the Memory Band, these dudes do a neat line in rambling lolloping rustics while Father Sky, Mother Earth round out this first best of instalment with a frankly jaw dropped slab of brooding dronal majestics that pisses in similar pools to that of Thot, here with the superbly slavish and monolithic slow burn epic ‘across the river of time’.

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