body in the thames

Takes a while to get going and when it finally does, you’re still suspecting that it’s warming for a cataclysmic event, which alas, never quite materialises. Anyhow, this be Swedish based Body in the Thames with ‘the illusion of space’, not quite altogether sure whether this is the track they have featuring on a limited cassette through dark outside, links to which are frustratingly eluding us at the moment. Described by its author as a ‘9 and a half minute ambient – drone – doom piece’ – tut tut – how these musical folk understate their craft, okay I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t a degree of gloom attaching here, its cavernous spectral micro detailing, the loop grooving hypnotic pulsars and the gradual ascendancy of white hot fizzes of electrical activity somewhat gathering to forge what might be best described as a close encountering passing of some heavenly body, mind you alternatively, it does imagine the inner workings from beneath a humongous control panel of a resting UFO aglow with the emitting of mind wiping mesmeric mosaics.

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