cheval sombre / luna

Many thanks to Cheval Sombre for sending over a finished copy of his rare as hen’s teeth split outing with Luna for feral child. Now I must admit, with all the hullaballoo of moving plans, flu and other distractions these last few weeks, then our eye was taken momentarily off the ball resulting in us missing this Feral Child double header first time of asking – one featuring Luna on their own some the other, this here split, with both giving their interpretation of the Velvet’s ‘lonesome cowboy bill’. In truth, its difficult to push a cigarette paper between the two in terms of affection, Luna’s take replete with a skipping country cooling and lolloping giddy up is glazed with a lilting and smoking prairie swing that sparks and spars with a slick honky tonking throb harvesting west coast after glows. Quietly arresting and equally smoking, Cheval Sombre’s interpretation comes adored in a more intimate setting that’s hushly haloed by a delirious dusting of hillbilly strings / fiddles firing up ready to take up centre stage, which they do towards the end groove whereupon CS’s softly demurred homely glowed moonshine murmurs briefly catch a light dissolving teasingly in a momentary flashing of strutting swing.  

Luna / Cheval Sombre - Lonesome Cowboy Bill

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