free / slope

Alas long since sold out of its limited 88 only pressing. Many thanks to Dom at Deep Distance for sending over, this is the blink and it was gone 10 inch lathe with the immortal ‘wobbly b-side’ feature from Free / Slope, the lead side of which we mentioned in despatches somewhere here . the wobbly b-side part of the equation, essentially it’s a 7 inch cut into 10 inch vinyl by those dandy folk over at 345rpm which means it has two centres, all very confusing and all housed in an eye catching die cut jacket. Going by the name ‘into drift mode’ – as the title might give hint, one to spark up a fat ‘un to, for this bliss blurring slab of smoky bongness is coaxed in a trippy stone dazed mellowness that cuts head expanding 70’s shapes to create woozy wormholes in your dream dazed astral walks.    

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