couldn’t resist including, truth is it was on our radar a little while back but went astray in the great laptop hissy fit whereupon a sizeable amassing of sound clips went west. Now thankfully tripped across and rescued, this is Lullabier with the ridiculously adorable ‘Natale A Ceneda (feat. Faro)’ – a track taken from an EP’s worthy of cosy toed yuletide tingliness whose sparsely radiant peppering of snowy floral posies had us much of a mind to go rummaging out our prized stash of platters by the much missed Le Mans. That said equally tugging on the heart strings is the fragile and frail acoustic rub of ‘White Dizziness’ a wonderfully hymnal hued honey softly yearned in sleepy headed snow shimmerings. Mind you nothing quite hits the spot than ‘With A Star’ the Brian John Mitchell remix no less, who last time we checked was the head honcho of Silber records – who should hopefully be making several appearances here before the year end, this one demurringly dizzied in the image of Cheval Sombre.

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