the chemistry set

Can’t for the life of me think why on earth we haven’t mentioned this previously, guess it never came adorned on our prized promo copy – ho hum. Anyway, much bunting and various flag waving has been afoot this very day, well I guess as much bunting and flag waving as can be done when your suffering from a long since served notice to quit bout of flu – cough cough wheeze, the cause of all this unseasonal merriment being the spotting of the phased version of ‘lovely cuppa’ by the Chemistry Set. What I hear you say, then young people cast your minds back to here whereupon from the industrious perfect platters chimney pipes of the esteemed freak factory that is Fruits de Mer, came this corking release. Alas long since sold out of its vinyl pressing, available in digital form now, you’ll find the audaciously addictive head shrooming happenings of ‘lovely cuppa’ extended, lysergically woozed and kaleidoscopically kookified into a colourfully wowed slab of old English eccentric peculiar replete with brass band, cloud parting sunshininess, 60’s hallucinogenia and no doubt sporting a rather dandy knotted kerchief upon its head.  

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