bubblegum lemonade

Staying with Matinee for the second part of that tinsel twinset, this be Bubblegum Lemonade herewith two cuts from a 6 track holiday happening going by the name the ‘laz christmas’ EP. This slice of seasonal Scottish strut pop opens with ‘number one for Christmas’ – a well heeled dansette doozie whose blending of subtle twists of Beach Boys and Ramones baubles comes trimmed with a fizzing power pop buzz that’s chime chirped in a deliciously Weezer-esque 50’s bubble grooved styling. Somewhere else ‘silent night’ gets a radically grooving giddy up, all shimmer toning snow fluffed riff jangles spliced with hushly warming honeyed harmonies, what’s not to like we wonder. https://soundcloud.com/matinee-recordings/sets/bubblegum-lemonade-laz

both releases via www.matineerecordings.com

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