pull the plug

Latest flu assisted Pull the Plug broadcast before we hit the silly week and everything goes tiresomely twee, this one is typically turned in with a tasty tracklist that opens to the coolly lazy eyed and smoking 60’s grooving of the Ghost Dance Collective who I’ve a feeling might well have strayed beneath our usually vigilant radar, sounds to us like something that the much missed Great Pop Supplement would have at one or time or another, dropped as a dandy platter. Next up, Fred und Luna, who’ll be appearing – hopefully if we remember – a lot more in our year ending missive – like next week – here serve up a spot of kosmische krafted Kraftwerkian kool in the adorably infectious shape of  ‘Komm, Wir Fahrn Nach Wolperath’. Then it’s a brace of impeccably turned in cuts from Wojciech Golczewski of whom whose gliding solitary lunar waltz ‘Robotic Assist Module’ does exactly what it says on the tin, while ‘spectre’ is an enigmatic dark star emerging from out of the shadows of the far side of Tangerine Dream. Pye Corner Audio rounds up matters for this particularly transmission  with a nifty spot of classic 90’s weaved subtronic Detroit trance toning courtesy of ‘Island of Ghosts’. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-21st-december-2017/

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