The promised albeit slightly later than we anticipated or planned, revisit to that rather immaculate yuletide EP gathered together by Sleepyard. This be ‘Christmas Time’ a four-track seasonal soiree which thus far we’ve managed to mention briefly when we ran an adoring ear over the parting cut ‘December’ somewhere here Sleepyard releases pretty much write their own reviews in so much as their sounds are so giving, unfussed and beguiled in a bewitched and colourfully articulate beauty, none more is this the case than on the opening salvo ‘Christmas time’ – here harvested within the mercurial murmur of hushly hinted choral harmonies and the caressing touch of subtle west coast rushes dappled in the merest wisp of softly kissed psych washes. Brief and to the point, ‘reflection’ utilises a ghostly though nonetheless, alluring array of spectral chamber tones who icy textures hint of magic wonderlands submerged beneath the chill of twilight mists while the hazily lazy seduction of ‘roll over me’ aside eloquently sprayed in a celestial hymnal phrasing whose daydream like wooziness, had us much recalling a very youthful Animal Collective.

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