A little something incoming from a label who we will endeavour to feature more about in the coming 2018 season. From the ever wonderful Eilean imprint, this is a teaser tasting of Ljerke’s immaculate self titled debut. In keeping with the finest Eilean traditions, Ljerke craft from an atmospherically fulsome palette switching between both light and dark sound spectrums utilising a spectral gauzing that both harnesses elements of the neo classical with lost primitive sonic tongues. The result is an intricate workbench of sound, a mantra of sorts sourced, or so it would seem, from the remotest regions of the East, agreed it is something a little darker than the usual Eilean pedigree, yet all the same, at once hypnotic, sultry and seduced in the lost arts / ways and with that something that displaces and relocates the listener far from the commercialist frenz of modern life, peeling back the timelines to a more nature / environment and spiritually connected age. https://soundcloud.com/eilean_rec/ljerke-ljerke-album-preview

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