odessey and oracle

How the hell did we miss this. We’ve spent the last few minutes trying without success, to carefully unpeel our tongue and jaw from the floor, I fearfully suspect that we should halt repeat listening for fear that further swoon attacks might result in permanent damage. This is Odessey & Oracle with a new full length entitled ‘specialatio’ from off which we’ve found ourselves somewhat smitten by the ridiculously gorgeous ‘L’Horizon tombe’. Let’s just say this is as wonderful a listening experience to come our way since those prized platters from the likes of beautify junkyards, lake ruth and le superhomard. There’s a breezy pastoral dusting radiating here (‘L’Horizon tombe’) whose sunny dappling sighs to fill the gaps between where Stereolab subtly changed their direction between ‘emperor tomato ketchup’ and ‘dots and loops’ to usher in a beautifully cosy toed shimmering of breathlessly laid back baroque lounge. Equally arresting, the dizzily dippy and playfully crooked waltz that is ‘J’ai vu un Croco’ is teased with a longing and lulling distractive head in the clouds aura that seductively weaves an oddly day dreaming soft psych folk magic land mysterio. ‘fraid to say there’ll be more of this in coming missives. https://odesseyandoracle.bandcamp.com/album/speculatio

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