Those of you blessed with recent recall might well remember us falling cock-a-hoop over a release quietly sneaked out by Janvy entitled ‘heads 1899’ – which in case you missed it first time of asking, you  can find here https://janvy.bandcamp.com/album/heads-1899 with our fond words found somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/12/08/janvy/ – anyhow a slightly expanded vinyl variation is due to land in record world – tomorrow as it would happen, the set expanded to six tracks going by the name ‘’Sycamore and Tronic in Northwinding Way’ from which, fingers crossed that the link works, there’s a little video collage that’s just been prepped from it entitled ‘Lavendar gets free (1921)’ which by our ears really does sound like a demurring baroque psych beauty softly adored with elements of Beaulieu Porch, Nick Nicely and Cheval Sombre all gathered in a studio late night colluding together to craft out woozy Zombies recitals.


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