stuff we missed …. 1 .. ashtoreth, anthony ruptak, pierre henry, mute swan, lev snowe, the velveteins, hooded fang, space probe project, fever ray, kites with lights, St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club, goat girl …..

A  little something sneaked out earlier in the year, which we did intend to chase up and didn’t due to being under siege with releases and postings and what nots. This is quite stunning if a little brooding and overcoming in darkness,from Ashtoreth this might be ‘i am the story’ – then again it could be something totally different, anyhow it features music by Grey Malkin – he of the hare and the moon fame.

…here’s an Ashtoreth live happening from a few years ago ….

Admit it, you never really thought Pierre Henry could be funky and down with the kids, think again, this I believe is from 1967 – the ultra wigged out ‘teen tonic’ – yowzah

Again another release from earlier in the year that we meant to fuss over with fond words, this is Anthony Ruptak with a glorious slab of purring prairie psych blues in the shape of the moonshining Americana gospel that is ‘sticks’ – quite stunning if you ask me…..

A few more things we’ve missed in recent momory …..first up …..

…. The milky murmur tones of this sweetly chime chirped dream drift from Mute Swan ……

… something perhaps a little bruised in hypnotic radiance from Lev Snowe ….

….. something smoking from the Velveteins ….

… and this  little darling from the hooded fang ….

Something that’ll be featuring in our first missive of the year, courtesy of the French label that brought us Cite Lumiere – ERR REC – this is the Space Probe Project … here in interview mode – sounds as said arrive next week …..

…. Ascending to new levels of strangeness, the delightfully kooky Fever Ray with a track or two taken from her acclaimed ‘plunge’ full length…..the first one visual pushes the envelope so if golden showers and S & M aren’t qquite your bag, then maybe fast track to the more genteel and heavenly sounding second offering ….

Those fancying something that sounds as though its strayed from the 80’s, here I’m thinking B-Movie might be well minded to seek out ‘the movies’ by the ever excellent Kites with lights … again another that slipped our net on first asking ……

… more stunningness … this time from St. Jimi Sebastian Cricket Club with ‘epilogue’ – this ‘un coming equipped in all manner of slow burn swoons of cavalry’s heading over the hills phrasing ……

Spotted this rather dandy giddy up on that there yoo tube, live footage of goat girl from a  recent appearance in Liverpool, essential listening should your radar stray to the sound of primitive psych folk a la a youthful stealing sheep …..

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