in memory of John Peel – festive 51 ….

The festive 51 according to the in memory of john peel show –

…the chart in full in descending order ……

Higher Moment       Amor                      

Miami      Baxter Dury           

Victoria Train Station Massacre            The Fall                  

The Ghost of A Tree                Richard Dawson    

Equality & Death (mothers, fathers, where are Ye-)              Angles 9  Disappeared Behind the Sun 

Sink         METZ     

Sippy Cup               SARN      

Brixton Summer      Roger Robinson     

Failure In Chrome  Actress    AZD       

I Want To Tell You Something                Gavin Martin         

A Kid       Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith            

Brother Joe             Ashley Reaks          

Headphone Jack      Skyjelly   

Lazarus Online       Wolf Parade           

Wed Dreems           R. Stevie Moore     

Interior Plains         Decomposure         

Safe Word               Cube

Till Fots Fick Jag Gå Genom Solsystemen             Anni Elif

Thick Air Frk. Jacobsen          Lobsters                 

Paper Bag               Circuit des Yeux     

EIGENGRAU (ChILDREN OF HELL II)              Chino Amobi          

To The Moon And Back          Fever Ray               

enigma    Jlin         

Badges for the Boring             monster island.      

Turkey Girl             Annie Anxiety         

Themistocles is Captured:      Quinta    

Princess Turnt        Bob Bellerue          

Here Is The Thing   Protomartyr

Beni Said 75 Dollar Bill          Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock (AAC)

Second Partially Recollected Conversation           Those Who Walk Away          

LA CHUCK            

Plastic Fox              Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip          

Hope Swims            Simon Fisher Turner             

Drunk Lads             Nachthexen

Hollow    Thom Ashworth @thomashworth                          

Hard Life In Country              The Fall  

Anxi (ft. Jenny Hval)               Kelly Lee Owens    

It’s All Free             I, Ludicrous           

tonite       LCD Soundsystem  

The Animal Spirits  James Holden & The Animal Spirits     

Real Death              Mount Eerie

Paper Error            Gnod      

Enough    Irreversable Entanglements                   

Horizon   Aldous Harding                     

Walk With Me         Roger Robinson

Couples vs Jobless Mid 30s    The Fall  

How To Tell Time With Jesus Hey Colossus

Jelly         Laurel Halo           

Fol De Rol              The Fall  

new Maps                Roger Robinson     

Ogre        Richard Dawson

….. finally that all important top spot hogger …… quite a wondeful thing sounding like Circulus and Polyphonic Spree on relocation to Summerisle ……

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