you the night and the music

latest edition of you the night and the music specially remodelled for this edition as yule the night and the music, the third end of year soiree featuring a gathering of Mat’s favourite tracks in er – alphabetical order meaning that this one covers all those essential ear gear happenings from F to H. A familiar feast of psych, electronische, hauntology, kosmische and more besides, this 2 hour hipster hi-fi hugger opening to the far out 60’s shade adorned space sounds of Free / Slope’s recent limited lathe outing for deep distance, one for all you Sunray / Sonic Boom loving dudes I shouldn’t wonder. Now i’ll embarrassingly put my hands up in admitting that thus far, until now that is, that hotel wrecking city traders haven’t as yet troubled these pages, well that’ll be changing if this bad slab of boogie is anything to judge by, gloriously primitive cacophonic groove, while similarly making a play from our affections the darkening psych freak storm that is the Janitors. Somewhere else there’s Julie’s Haircut who we really must make it a new year resolution to pay more closer attention to in the coming year, clearly these dudes are on a different level of psych consciousness to everyone else. Throw in some Keith Seatman strangeness, a spot of mercurial musing from Klaus Morlock, some veering into the heart of the sun wig flippery courtesy of Lamagaia and a sample of the delights that lurk in the fascinatingly strange and surreal hidden world of Jumble Hole Clough, from a personal point of perspective, one of the many great finds to adore our listening space these last twelve months.

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