prana crafter

We here are a tad bit concerned that this ‘un might nearly have passed us by without so much as a hi, hello and how are you. Incoming on the perfectly formed beyond beyond is beyond tape imprint, an ultra limited cassette outing by Prana Crafter whose last visit to these pages courtesy of ‘mindstreamblessing’, we were still trying to recover from only managing to shake its effect just before Christmas and various chest infections descended to provide a newfound focus for our concerns – anyway words here should you be interested, and you should be –

‘Bodhi Cheetah’s Choice’ is duly expected to land from wherever sometime later this month, from it ‘holy tempel of flow’ has been sent out to flavour your chosen peace pipe, hell’s teeth this is more Bardo Pond than Bardo Pond, a truly woozy freak pill that initially takes you by the hand for a genteel dream dazed astral glide, the effect light headed, out of body and amorphous soon aligns itself to a smoking and stoned beatnik locked grooving slice of wigginess that wouldn’t look to out of place on some early wax happening from the mighty bearded one, Bevis Frond.

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