anton barbeau

plenty of Gare Du Nord activity afoot …. so we’ll start at the start then, kinda makes sense ……

….first up a full digital release for the second volume of Anton Barbeau’s electronic excursions. ‘Antronica 2’ via gare du nord, gathers together a collection of synth based pop nuggets that pretty much straddle the entireity of his career with some rare features here dating back to his first forays as a musician in the 80’s. Indeed, the more keen eyed among you might well have already noted that we’ve featured to much swooning ‘dolphins on drugs’ when we briefly touched on the latest volume of Bedroom Cassette Masters – more about them shortly – however, just in case you missed it, fear not – for it be here – – as said, it’s the second such pickings from the Barbeau vaults collecting together sixteen such pristine pop gems with ‘rain, rain’ having carved itself a small hollow in our affections, not least because aside it’s overt 80’s adoring has something of a cooly chic Foxx vibe attaching to it, had he of course at the time shimmered up to Pete Shelley. Links to follow very shortly.

In addition to this particular release, Mr Barbeau is set to release ‘natural causes’ in April via a split label co-opt between Beehive Sound and You are Not Alone, more details as and when we get them.

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