ocean of sound ….. (1)

Okay, I’m not quite sure exactly how we are going to shoehorn over 200 tracks that make up the colossal end of year report curated by the Unexplained Sounds Group.into this missive. Shall we agree to play it by ear and perhaps pepper these musings with as many nightly visits as possible. Okay agreed. Available in a choice of two volumes and as previously advertised, gathering together over 200 tracks, ‘Ocean of Sound – the 3rd annual report’ – in short, a best of, or at least a sample therein of the sounds, styles and artists who’ve featured these last 12 months on this forward-thinking sound survey. On this particular visit, we’re concentrating on Volume 2 of the collection, three brief tracks to get the ball rolling, so to speak and beginning with David M. Paganin’s decidedly odd sore thumb ‘Welcome to Everlasting Night’ which I must say viewed in a certain light, ought to appeal to those of you well versed in the dark delights of Edward Ka-Spel, certainly the kind of minimalist mantra that at one time would have no doubt graced the catalogue of Beta Lactam Ring. The strangeness doesn’t stop there, for the oddly sultry snake charming apparition emerging into view by way of Bruno Gussoni’s ‘Radio India’ is cut with a musical tongue as old as time itself with this arabesque mantra echoing through the passages of time like some thought lost Tibetan psalm crafted by Ariel Kalma. Last one for this particular visit comes from Damien Olsen whose ‘parsy’ strikes something of a curiously lilting yet hitherto remote sounding slice of cosmic exotica whose playfully bowed lunar motifs, dub dissipates and starry conversations muse cheekily to a pulsing palette one imagines schooled in the experimental classicism of Louis and Bebe Barron. https://unexplainedsoundsgroup.bandcamp.com/album/ocean-of-sound-the-3rd-annual-report-volume-ii   


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