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The end of year party pack from the pull the plug folk here remodelled as the extended 2 hour pulling the plug on 2017 soiree. Packed to brimming and bursting with all the hippest toons from some of the nations leading taste makers, plenty of old favourites here, several nuggets from the esteemed polytechnic youth imprint, a handful of appearances from the variously guised Allan Murphy – the polymer cities and Kehrschleife, a brace of dandy sounds from what proved to be one of our favourite releases of the year, that being a limited cassette outing from the Art of the Memory Palace through horror pops who despite promises of more releases later in the year, just appeared to disappear. Talking of particular listening faves, a little something from both the papernut Cambridge and tara king th, the latter of whom we meant to revisit for a full review and may still do in the fullness of time – sorry Moon Glyph chaps. In truth, just too spoilt with the selections here to nail the best moment, though pattern language would never be straying too far from a top 5 list and neither would Jane Weaver, though that said, how the hell did we miss and more’s the point, get through 2017 without hearing ‘Car’ by Racoon Rally – think Pavement when they were perfect rather than mere brilliant smooching up to a youthful ‘car wash hair’ era Mercury Rev, yep that good.  https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pulling-the-plug-on-2017-december-2017/

…and because we love you and we are a little short on the evening word count – here’s the full tracklisting, now don’t think for a  second we’ll be making a habit of this……   

‘Neat Neat Neat’ – Transistor (Massproduktion)

‘Science Fiction Stories’ – Pea Hix (Pea Hix)

‘The Consumer Programme’ – Vic Mars (Polytechnic Youth)

‘A New Absence’ – Art Of The Memory Palace (Horror Pop Sounds)

‘Telescope’ – Vanishing Twin (Soundway)

‘Bohemian Garden’ – Balduin (Sunstone Records)

‘It’s Only Raining Right Where You’re Standing’ – Drugdealer (Weird World)

‘Devil’s Mistress’ – Fantasmes (Last Bummer)

‘Liquid Dreaming’ – Dream Division (Polytechnic Youth)

‘Phares Sous La Pluie’ – Art Of The Memory Palace (Horror Pop Sounds)

‘The Hauntologists Race To Emulate The Stranger Things Soundtrack’ – The Polymer Cities (Internationally Obscure)

‘Sirrius’ – M I D D E X (Polytechnic Youth)

‘My Camp’ – Toska Wilde (Fusion)

‘A Believer’ – The Shifters (Market Square)

‘Attic’ – Rays (Trouble In Mind)

‘Big Man’ – Ty Segall (Drag City)

‘Special Glands’ – Navy Gangs (No Roads/Super Fan 99)

‘Ticking Time Bomb’ – The Asteroid No.4 (13 O’Clock)

‘Reduction Agent’ – Dion Lunadon (Agitated Records)

‘Celestial Echoes’ – Tara King th. (Moon Glyph / Petrol Chips)

‘The Planets’ – The Clear (Clear Music Records)

‘A Tilt Remains’ – Art Of The Memory Palace (Horror Pop Sounds)

‘Puppet Shop’ – Papernut Cambridge (Ravenwood Music Ltd./Gare Du Nord)

‘Recreation Zone 4’ – The Polymer Cities (Internationally Obscure)

‘Tambourine’ – Groovy Movies (Groovy Movies)

‘Alabaster Crayon’ – Lucille Furs (The Minimal Beat Ltd.)

‘Kensington Garden Pie’ – Radiophonic Tuckshop (Last Night From Glasgow)

‘Cucumber Sword’ – Man From Uranus feat. Taishi Nagasaka (Re-Alignment of Magnetic Dust)

‘By The Time We Get There’ – Pattern Language (Happy Robots)

‘Cold Fear’ – Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)

‘Approach’ – Pye Corner Audio (Ghost Box)

‘Into The Void’ – Tomorrow Syndicate (Polytechnic Youth)

‘You Shouldn’t Have Said That’ – Vertical67 (Brokntoys)

‘Slow Motion’ – Jane Weaver (Fire Records)

‘Element’ – Jane Weaver (Fire)

‘The Build-Up To A Smashing Night Out’ – Own Brand (Internationally Obscure)

‘The Alright Side Of Just OK’ – The Black Watch (The Eskimo Record Label)

‘Stole My Pushbike’ – Amyl And The Sniffers (Amyl And The Sniffers)

‘Der Gemüsehändler Und Der Bauer’ – Kehrschleife (Kehrschleife)

‘Car’ – Racoon Rally (Numavi)

Now pick the bones out of that …….

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