the corrupting sea

‘Somnambulate’ is almost upon us, the imminent fourth full length by the Corrupting Sea issued through the Katuktu Collective imprint. Newly peeled from what promises to be an immaculate occurrence, the first single ‘moments of clarity’. Softly sighed in a hazy dream like nostalgia, this serene sweetheart might be seen as a road of two paths, perhaps a fond sepia sealed childhood memory of lulling in a state of dozing, sat at the rear of a parent’s car driving by night, occasioning in and out of consciousness, watching from the passenger seat, the blur of the street lights, passing cars and the endless line of cat’s eyes into the distance. Or maybe, something more spiritual, perhaps more final, a new beginning so to speak, an epitaph maybe as we make the inevitable trip through the veil to the beyond. Whatever the case, there’s no denying that here there be something reverent and majestic touched in unearthly wonder.


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