e mordrake

Somewhere amid these pages you’ll find two releases that use the curious enigma 23 – or the law of five’s as it’s more commonly known – as its source point. First up, there’s this newly exhumed oddness from the Aetheric folk, more specifically, e mordrake, while a little later you’ll find links to a superb mix tape curated by those fine people over at Wyrd Daze. Anyhow, back to e mordrake who in the finest tradition of Aetheric releases that have passed before, ushers in a disquieting dread across this macabre 14 minute sitting titled ‘lovely as a dream, hideous as a devil mixtape’, for here lurk ne’er do well apparitions and all manner of uninvited presences and unexpected guests, gathered to perform an unholy séance whilst spreading chilled contagion. Blanked within an impenetrable psychosis and an unearthly eerie, these ghostly drone recitals shimmer with a dead heading ice cold stillness that crafts something of an uneasy dark displacement.  https://aetheric-records.bandcamp.com/album/lovely-as-a-dream-hideous-as-a-devil-mixtape    

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