Apologies to the Riot Season sound house, so gutted that we failed to mention this on initial asking that we are now busily kicking our backsides up and down the listening room in an attempt to knock a modicum of sense into us. This will blow minds, though I suspect not quite to the extent of its makers, whom I’m sure must have been smoking far weirder stuff than both you and me. This psychedelic folk, is the whacked out and wasted n’ woozy freak pill that is ‘mood stabilizer’ by Perhaps from a set entitled ‘V’ sneaked out by Riot Season many months ago and still available for adoption by homes who prefer their listening, shall we say, a little more stoned and playfully off its head and tripping. Now I’ll be honest in saying, had this headed out on some hip imprint – say for instance Bureau B – not that I’m saying that Riot Season don’t fit the bill, just that they don’t reside in Germany – and say had the name Der Plan or something closely connected to the Cluster family tree stamped on its hide, then you’d all be going gaga, that it doesn’t in no way detracts from its mind melting floatiness incidentally.

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