dark sun

just ahead of a by all accounts killer new owHH outing through reverb worship, the labels current listening love is a set from Dark Sun entitled ‘innerspace astronauts’ from off which the frankly immense ‘heart beat’ has been sent on ahead on scouting detail. A cosmic dark star, this big bearded galactic juggernaut comes schooled, shaped and purred in the finest of classic era kraut / space rock vintages as though time travelled from the 70’s, a humongous Hawkwind disciple swirled in head shrooming astrals and bliss kissed moonage mosaics replete with a brief peppering of hallucinogenic happenings courtesy of a momentary sitar detour. Disturbingly essential. https://soundcloud.com/reverbworship/dark-sun-innerspace-astronauts-rare-and-unreleased-cd-version-01-heart-beat

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