the church of st simon the tanner

sitting waiting for us on the front door step this very dinner hour, a one-sided lathe cut seven inch. With a cryptic press note attached inside, we instantly recognised the handwriting on the envelope and fired off enquiring missive to which responses of a hush hush variety came forth in their many along with a video clip of the performance pressed upon said grooves of this limited release. That said, this outing possibly marks the start of sporadic appearances by the Gardener’s Delight imprint, which if this one sided seven inch is anything to judge by, promises to be an interesting and varied mix of happenings and occurrences pressed up for posterity at the whim of the folk behind the label. Indeed this first appearance is something very special, moving and spiritual, a recording of the Church of St Simon the Tanner performing ‘Psalm 53 (sung in Aramaic)’ – whether you are religious or not, you can’t help but be touched by the ethereal beauty of this recital for it speaks to our inner self in the truest and most natural of forms, from tongues as old as time itself channelling ancestral voices the serene and lulling aura that the chants stir, crafts a deeply mesmeric connection whose joyful radiance sparks something of a warm glow that’s both majestic and hitherto resonates an awakening deep within our DNA.

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