‘Casgliad Cae Gwyn’

A hot off the presses message from Dan over at Cae Gwyn Records giving us a heads up on a rather spiffing compilation that they are prepping for February release entitled ‘Casgliad Cae Gwyn’. This release is set to not only coincide with the labels 10th birthday festivities but is also perfectly timed to celebrate Welsh Language Music Day with such celebrations extending, according to the press release, to the album release being marked by a ‘very special Omaloma gig for pupils, staff and parents at Ysgol Bro Gwydir primary school, Llanrwst, on Welsh Language Music Day (February 9th, 2018). This is where George Amor (Omaloma) works as a teaching assistant when he’s not busy strutting his stuff as a psychedelic rock star’. The album itself features a gathering of ten tracks some old and some new from bands some sadly forgotten and some no more, all prized from the labels extensive back catalogue. For now, while we busy ourselves prepping the compilation for full review, a teaser tasting of just two of its number. Instantly catching our ear, Ebol Digon Tebal’s ‘Gwallt’ is as instant as they come, softly stewed in delicately weaved psych tapestries and courted with a subtle west coast breeziness, hints of Beautify Junkyards sweetly caress this quietly unassuming nugget, though scratch a little deeper and something of the Gorky’s oozes to the surface of the grooves after, one would imagine, a summer season spent pouring over the early 70’s back catalogue of the Beach Boys. Also worthy of the entrance fee alone, the second of two featured cuts from Sen Segur – the band having imploded before their debut full length ever got a chance to see the light of day, here with the dead eyed cool that is ‘pen rhydd’ – a shimmering post punk ghost light trimmed in the kind of atmospheric majesty that one might expect to result from a classic era Wild Swans and Zerra 1 face off.  http://recordiaucaegwyn.com/    

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