Bit of a belated and somewhat disappointing message from Stephen of the sadly no more Kosmonaut who keener observers among you may recall we mentioned with a degree of fondness somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/09/12/kosmonaut/ – just before the band called it a day, it was mooted that they’d invite friends along to do a series of remixes for the track ‘Debbie Harry’s smile’ alas matters unravelled. However one mix did survive the fallout which is now being made available as a free / name your price download, bit of a belter to, by the Luxembourg Signal this is said track remodelled as the ‘California on Fire mix’. A pristine cosmic dream popper tripped in all manner of hushed honeyed harmonies and bliss kissed stratospherics, something I’d imagine ripe for the shade adorned among you not too mention those preferring their sounds a tad giddy up in a buzzing and fuzzing soft psych bubble grooving which while we are here had us imagining a studio gathering of Creation era Telescopes and Ride folk swapping starry love notes with Fuxa. https://kosmonaut01.bandcamp.com/track/debbie-harrys-smile-california-on-fire-mix-by-the-luxembourg-signal   

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