the spectre collector

fairly certain that the Spectre Collector haven’t as yet troubled our listening space, though on the evidence of this darkly beautiful three track ghost light, we’d be a mite surprised if they didn’t become a regular visitor to these musings in the coming weeks / months. This is ‘dark house 1’ as said a three-track offering from the Spectre Collector, what took us about this release was its spectral beauty, the seeming juxtaposition of the interweaving dark and light tonalities, the melodies murmured and whispered, softly sigh and seduce with a becoming yearn, yet beneath all this a chilling macabre undercurrent haunts amid the grooves creating a vaguely edgy and sinister disturbia, as is the case of ‘we have always lived here’. Both dreamy yet consigned to the depths of the damned, ‘they hide in the shadows’ is haunted in a tearful ice shrouded regret, the ethereal wisps and the minimalist swirls nodding principally to recall Biosphere’s ‘phantasm’ though it’s the parting ‘fun when you’re dead’ that provides the sets defining centrepiece, oddly from the perspective of one of the ghostly residents, its sparse melodic hollowing both disconnected and dissipating, mirrors perfectly the protagonists spectral self.

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