beautify junkyards

Those of you much recalling of Damon and Naomi’s shimmying up to Ghost many moons ago, might well and rightly so, find yourselves summarily spun in smitten seduction upon the arrival of ‘Aquarius’, the opening herald and first download single prized from the forthcoming Ghost Box full length ‘the invisible world of Beautify Junkyards’. Forever assured of a special place in our heart, we’ve long had a soft spot here for the Junkyards, since those first tastings via Fruits de Mer right through to last year’s exceptionally perfect second full length for Mega Dodo, they’ve furrowed a strangely enchanting musical path which, flavoured of a blend of psyche and folk drizzled in a South American tongue, has mysteriously weaved an ethereal tapestry that’s at once both out of time and fashion yet curiously crafted in a mercurial reserve that perhaps, of today’s current crop of talent, only Lake Ruth dare veer into their orbit. As said, third album looms, ready for March despatch via the ever dependable and forward seeing Ghost Box, ‘Aquarius’ opens to a hazily spectral 60’s tinged earth beat chorus whose intricately fragile footings instantly recall the ghostly apparitions of those early Broadcast happenings. From its subdued gloaming something both magical and spiritually vintage emerges resplendent in vividly shape shifting kaleidoscopic garlands cut from a finery that lilts and enchants, whilst pressed upon a hypnotically rhythmic mantra traced and trimmed in a becoming and beautifully alluring spray of Bucolic phrasings and subtle jazz dialects. Something I’m minded to say, that ought to appeal to those much fond of a youthful Soundcarriers.

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