the null spectre

from the Spectre Collector to the Null Spectre, indeed you still think we throw these together with hapless haphazardness. Last time we spotted the Null Spectre in these pages, I’m certain it was via our Halloween special, returning with a new full length ‘wendigo’. Billed as a soundtrack for an imagined horror, this four-suite 25-minute mysterio comes beautifully equipped in an ice carved widescreen swept neo classicist majesty. A sparse and seductively sinister symphony both remote and crystalized in a close intimate touch that imagines perfectly the tension, paranoia and haunting silence of the detached landscapes its story board relates, the melodies minimally turned appear to float in the eerie as though suspended between dream and nightmare, both the effect and realisation perfected by the unworldly sounds, themselves cavernously etched in a stilled dead air that isolates the listener with its nulling and mesmeric ghost drone disquiet. That said, ‘dead of winter’ lifts the mood momentarily, still chilled and haunting of that there’s no doubt, yet here ventured with a shadow lengthening magic enchantment, itself serving sharp contrast to the deathly nothingness of the parting ‘cave of the Wendigo’.

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