many thanks to Cyprianus of the Unquiet Meadow fame for giving us the heads up on this truly immersive outing by NeoElph. Five tracks sit upon ‘Ancient ghosts still loom’, a darkly atmospheric supernatural fantasia, these ghost lights are found somewhat serenading in shadows locked deep down in your sleeping consciousness. The tonalities spectral and curvaceously ice sculptured are bled in a bruised forlorn beauty (‘the gloomy knight resurrected’ – particularly piloting a sonic trajectory at times veering into minotaur shock and inch time terrains) that’s stilled in a quiet reverence and daubed in a chilly glitched cinematic serene. After a degree of eerie remoteness, ‘ancient ghosts still loom’ slowly emerges into view, a passing apparition delicately drizzled and draped in ethereal mystics ushered unto in forgotten tongues and the ways of the old, the mood both lulling and softly trance like comes purred in a rarefied majesty set upon a ghostly mistral conjuring harmonies from the very elements of nature. With its snowed globed bowed orchestrations, noir ghosted murmurings and dimpling of down tempo motifs, there’s something of the Orbital attaching to the charm effect motifs of ‘111 binah’ that endows upon it a shadowy lullaby toning whose eye and ear acutely tunes itself to the ‘stranger things’ universe. And while we must admit to being a tad smitten with the kosmische event that is the parting ‘300z’ – very Craig Padilla we must say, it’s the 10 minute opus ‘within the alchemists lotus’ that surely provides the set with its defining centre piece, this oceanic lunar being ripe for head phone close contact if only to afford yourself the chance to settle down, kick back and dream drive amid its softly melting kosmick highways, one for the astral trippers I’d hasten to add.

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