the dandelion cassette

Staying with Buried Treasure a little while longer, we eyed this superb mix cloud set from the Continuous Play folk, just between you and me, it’s essentially Julius Vanderbilt whose various transmissions we may have mentioned in passing in previously postings, if we haven’t then we meant to. Anyhow, partly through laziness partly because we are busy picking our chin from the floor here’s a spot of copying and pasting telling you about the show and what you are listening to …..

‘……The Dandelion Set Cassette is an unreleased, never-to-be released version of the 2016 album ‘A Thousand Strands 1975-2015’ on Buried Treasure records. Featuring edits, early versions, out-takes, re-inventions, mistakes, intros, found sounds, as well as tracks from former bands the cassette version is for serious freaks only. A savage de- and re- construction……’

….now I’ll admit we here are a little disturbed to find that we missed this treat when it was originally released, if indeed it was released, safe to say it’s all very trippy and serene, something which by our reckoning fans of the Superimposers may well do themselves a small favour of checking out, mind you we’ll qualify that by saying, try imagining the Superimposers on an astral boat set sail for Monsterism Island being piloted by the Seahawks.

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