With the merest utterance of new incoming from Aetheric, I’m guessing you are already heading for the comfort of your own particular safe spot and indeed, who are we to blame you for previous outings from this ne’er do well imprint have often, or so it would seem, been procured from the other side. In truth the latest to their uneasily forbidding catalogue finds their head honcho, here darkly donned in his Slowthaw guise, perhaps etching the imprints lightest moment to date, of course we’ll qualify that by saying that it’s still gloomed in a shivering solemn. A ghostly aural apparition part ‘Stone Tape’ meets ‘Poltergeist’ with a momentary detour at ‘Hobs Lane’, yet it’s the permeating chill it gives off which though the track itself, incidentally called ‘slugs’, is only a brief two minute visitation, leaves in its wake a lasting shadowy spot in the corner of your listening space.     

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