mike gale

Apologies one and all, but this is another brief head’s up for something we will be revisiting later in the week while for now we busily search about for stuff like clothes and laptop leads, following our near disaster like recent move. Seriously just don’t ask, the whole thing was a stress forming shambles start to finish. Anyhow, a kindly email from Joe at Farm Music to alert us to incoming happenings from Co-Pilgrim man Mike Gale. Co Pilgrim in case you were wondering released one of THE finest full lengths of last year – fact. Anyhow due to land shortly is ‘Beachhead Galaxy’ from off which what we’ve sampled so far has had us a fair old cock – a – hoop, reports of us dancing in the aisles so far remain un-denied. Anyhow to set the scene, this here wordy thing from the press release ……

‘In the year 2412, interstellar teleportation is commonplace. Peace and harmony between all lifeforms reigns across the universe and war is strictly forbidden. Until one day, a traveller from the mysterious Beachhead Galaxy arrives on planet Styx MM with a secret so terrifying it destroys life itself……’

Okay as far as press releases go this is veering worrying into Rush / Yes terrains, not that there’s anything bad there, yet fear not, beards are banned here, for what emerges on ‘cloud warm’ – one of several tracks to have had our senses somewhat smitten is something mellowed and dreamily woven in the rarefied  brush strokes of both Mercury Rev and Neutral Milk Hotel, for this lolloping sun downer coos, caresses and crushes all the time radiantly spraying its succumbing bliss toning shy eyed seduction. Alas no sound links just yet, rest assured we are working on it…..

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