Nice Enough to Beat – Psychedelic Sampler Vol​.​I

Er….. already sold out at source, the latest happening thing from the Eggs in Aspic folk, who distressingly maintain in sending cryptic messages to us pertaining to releases being sent and yet never arriving. This latest one a ten track gathering, a compilation if you must, entitled ‘Nice Enough to Beat – Psychedelic Sampler Vol​.​I’ featuring all your favourite psych folk, at least they should be your favourite, all pressed upon a limited edition cassette, which as we’ve already established is er…..sold out. Anyhow, on the preview sound player a track apiece from Papernut Cambridge, cult of Dom Keller and moths & locusts. First up on the inspection blocks, cult of Dom Keller with the darkly ceremonial ‘hate on repeat’, a monumental track that finds them elevated upon the uppermost psych grid footings and into the bargain adopting to their craft something thoughtfully tender and alluring not to mention harvested in a timeless spiritual quotient that sounds as though its been forged by the hands of ancient elders. Of course, Papernut Cambridge are in need of no introductions around these parts, the peculiarly floaty psych wooziness attaching to ‘every creak on the stair’ is blissed kissed with the drifting dizzy day dream detailing of Syd, its light-headed radiance cutting beautifully baroque trimmed spectral shapes that delicately demur and dissolve in the lazily hazy smoke. Last up for this brief sonic soiree, moths & locusts deliver the dissipating astral glide that is the bonged out ‘fresh red blood’- a seductive smoke hued drift space peppered in all manner of mind expansive hallucinogens and mystic murmurs turned dreamily into an inner space walking tripping tapestry.   

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