poundstore riot

still with recordiau prin, poundstore riot is a gathering of talents that finds Pulco man Ash Cooke forging alliances with Stu Kidd, not altogether too sure whether the how, what and why’s of how this set came about are to be believed, the liner notes impishly relate the tale of the two being responsible for the inciting of a minor riot at a local bargain shopping over Christmas last year whereupon sentence was passed to attend music therapy courses. Anyhow, the result of which, is an eleven track gem entitled ‘writing the wrongs’ – a sweetly harvested safe place where’ll you’ll find the west coast reclining sunny electronic rustics of ‘bobby’s basement’ rubbing shoulders with the smoky countrified drift of the yearning ‘cylinder sound’ with its touching traces of Gram Parsons and Gene Clark. That said, our ears were a pricked by the brief 90 second scuzz buzz slap to the chops served by the title track, a devilishly wired slab of fried and angular sore thumbed pop dissent, what’s not to love and adore?  https://recordiauprin.bandcamp.com/album/writing-the-wrongs  

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