casgliad cae gwyn

apologies for not returning back to this sooner, celebrating Welsh music day this is a very special release sent forth from Recordiau Cae Gwyn entitled ‘Casgliad cae gwyn’. In fact we did briefly touch on it way back at – a ten track gathering from which, if we recall rightly, we mentioned the wares of Ebol Digon Tebol and Sen Segur, the latter of whom feature twice here and with that, proceedings open with a mention for their other featured cut ‘Gwreiddyn’. A more mellowing drift smoke this ‘un both floaty and spacey, it seductively coils with the assuring arrest of a laid-back Church. Up next Omaloma who I’ve a reliably sneaky feeling have featured in these pages on previously, deliver the sun toned sea breezy pop sweetheart ‘ha ha haf’ – a track all delicately shimmered through with oodles of tropical dialects and opining weaves of oceanic sprays. Possessed of a jagged power pop pout, Mr Huw’s ‘llosgfynyddoedd’ comes grooved in the spirit of the Ramones three chord buzz albeit as retranslated by the Senseless Things, in fact the band feature twice here with ‘Du’ our preferred cut awash in the willowy hush which I must admit has all the wherewithal to give hint that it had escaped the final cut on Teardrop Explodes’ ‘wilder’. Long time no hear around here, Dan Amor demurs to the tease of rustic reclines with the sweetly harvested ‘brenhines y tonnau’. Truth be told we here are more than a tad smitten by A(n)naearol’s ‘cysawd yr haul’ which I must admit had us minded of something that’d dropped from a late 70’s post punk environ though which on repeat listens has a vague flavouring that imagines Belly in cahoots with Haight Ashbury while under the influence of Mr Airplane Man. Sounding as though they’ve stepped from the darkly woven shadows of the 60’s, ‘jelo’ by Lastigband’ arrives acutely fixed upon a softly fried psych swing while it’s left to Pablo Vasquez to round up matters for this mention with the demurring courtship that is ‘teasero’, into the bargain seductively threaded in in all manner vintage sprays of rustic folk fayre, quite alluring if you ask me.    

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