Paolo Spaccamonti / Jochen Arbeit

Heading out March time via the esteemed Boring Machines sound house, four tip top turntable tasters of esoteric ear candy. For now, just a brief tasting of these gems, full reviews to come, first up of which is ‘CLN’ by Paolo Spaccamonti / Jochen Arbeit. Okay to some the names mightn’t be familiar, but the latter mentioned takes up one third of the musical duties of Automat whose releases over the years via the admired Bureau B have proven more than a passing interest in our gaff. Anyhow, as said just a brief look in for now, fear not for we may have exclusives in the coming weeks, so ears and eyes peeled. That said causing us to pause momentarily in our tracks, parting cut ‘VII’ had our ears a pricked, an apocryphal end game or a new dawn, whatever the case there’s a slow burn majesty afoot here, for amid its remote solemn, something restless and radiant smoulders and utters with a long forgotten voice, its foretelling chiselled and baked in a blossoming arid fire siren haloing of stoner euphoria whose template is torn between the brooding disquiet of Earth and those early sonic incursions from the late 80’s New Zealand noise scene.

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