Time to tumble down the rabbit hole unto the strangely beguiling though hitherto eerily surreal world of Quimper, the latest adventure a four-track kaleidoscopic fantasia that goes by the name of ‘a soft day’, a mysterious magic land of eccentric folly or out of time displacement, you decide. Quintessentially crooked, part disturbia part dreamland, for here Quimper engages in a sonic séance that draws a musical kinship of vintage familiarity with the likes of Ghost Box, Keith Seatman – who we’ve on good authority, new sounds are shortly to emerge, Moon Wiring Club and A Year in the Country. Amid this harvested quartet of tripping carousels, an imagined sepia glazed hand holding skip between the Heartwood Institute and the Palace of Swords through a cold war 70’s child hood TV enchantment is envisaged on the heraldic rustic ramble of ‘watch it come down’ while parting salvo ‘happy ending’ beautifully refocuses and re-positions itself star-wards to tease a most alluringly ornate lunar lullaby whose svelte twinkling kosmische toning had us  fondly recalling FortDax’s woefully underappreciated ‘At Bracken’ debut. https://quimper.bandcamp.com/album/a-soft-day



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