us and them

On limited issue through mega dodo, featuring two original pens and two covers, Us and Them give hint of wonders to come this May when full length ‘on shipless ocean’ is released. In terms of tracks heard thus far this year, only Beautify Junkyards’ incoming on Ghost Box demurs in equal grace and poise. Measured, mercurial and mesmeric, Us and Them court a breathless lightness of touch to this quaint quartet of shy eyed gems, the dizzying genteel baroque folk waltzing of ‘when life begins’ and the seductively spacey psychedelic tethering applied to Bowie’s ‘all the madman’ are pressed with such exquisite mastery as to be strong enough to individually grace an A side in their own right. That said it’s to a cover of Barclay James Harvest’s ‘the iron maiden’ and ‘from the corner of my eye’ – a teaser from the previously aforementioned full length happening that rightly vie for affection here, the former a slice of sweet enchantment twinkled and romanced in a close intimacy that’s hushed to the spectral allure of ghostly garlands, whilst just edging it, the lead track fixes you in beguilement concocting a softly stirred spell craft whose timeless tapestry is turned in an ancient folk tongue dappled in floral posies woven into a dream like mirage, a transfixing turntable delight in a pressing of just 250 copies.  

Image of Us and Them 'From The Corner Of My Eye' limited edition single


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